Aging Reinvented

Senescence Protocol

Healthspan optimizes human performance through interventions targeting cellular senescence. We empower our patients to regain control over the levers of aging that are at the foundation of most age-related chronic diseases.

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The Biological Targets of Aging

Therapy for Your Cells

As we age, we accumulate more damaged and dysfunctional cells that are unable to carry out their original functions. Some of these cells—senescent cells—go a step further and recruit healthy cells to be dysfunctional as well.

Healthspan focuses on interventions that target these damaged senescent cells.


Autophagy is the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells in order to regenerate newer, healthier cells.

Cellular senescence

In aging, all roads lead to senescent cells. As we accumulate senescent cells, we have less energy and are more fragile.

Metabolic Health

Interventions that increase mitochondria efficiency in health cells, and cutting off preferred fuel sources for dysfunctional cells.

Start attacking the root cause of aging.

mTOR, when overstimulated, contributes to cellular dysfunction, disease states, and accelerated aging. As we get older, mTOR may stay active all the time—opening the door to out-of-control cell growth and functional decline.

Healthspan's Rapamycin Protocol is specifically designed to address the core issue of aging—mTOR dysfunction.


mTOR Driven Aging

The Rapamycin Protocol

Rapamycin is considered to be the most promising healthspan-promoting intervention for its role in slowing down the formation of senescent cells.

Healthspan uses technology and your biomarkers to create a personalized Rapamycin protocol. Working with our clinical team, your doctor will review your ongoing lab results and optimize your treatment plan and dosing every 30 days to ensure the best possible results.


How it works

  • 1
    Online visit

    Start your online visit by completing our new patient intake and providing information about your medical history and lifestyle. The online evaluation takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

  • 2
    Doctor review

    A functional medicine physician will review the information you provide and determine the prescription that best suits your needs. Scripts are available for 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month supplies

  • 3
    Free shipping

    If prescribed, your treatment will be shipped directly to you, and arrive within 5-7 business days. All orders are tracked electronically, and you will have access to tracking for each shipment.

  • 4
    Ongoing Care

    Healthspan provides personalized strategies to optimize your health and longevity by monitoring key health indicators through regular check-ins and lab result reviews with your provider.

Your Longevity Care Team

Elevate Your Healthspan with Personalized Care from Our Expert Clinical and Research Team

Healthspan offers a personalized approach to healthcare that goes beyond your normal doctor's visit. Our team of experienced researchers and clinician specializes in innovative interventions targeting cellular senescence to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

You're in good hands

Elana Miller, MD — Chair of the Healthspan Medical Advisory Board

Board-Certified Physicians

Our US functional medicine doctors analyze your biomarkers and clinical data to prescribe personalized health recommendations to target cellular senescence and optimize longevity.

Ongoing Care and Optimization

Healthspan provides personalized strategies to optimize your health and longevity by monitoring key health indicators through regular check-ins and lab result reviews with your provider.

Your Own Research Review Team

Healthspan analyzes the latest longevity research to provide you personalized medical advice.

Stand for Research

With every order Health Span will contribute $5 dollars to fund cancer research of the most promising metabolic oncology labs in the world.

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