Topical Rapamycin and EGCG Skin Cream

Senescence Protocol

Topical rapamycin skin cream is a powerful and effective solution to reduce the accumulation of damaged senescent cells and maintain healthy skin. Infused with EGCG to enhance skin absorption, it provides targeted treatment for aging skin, improving its appearance and health.

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Senescence Driven Skin Aging

Senescent cells accumulate over time and lead to a decline in collagen production, an increase in wrinkles, and a decrease in skin elasticity. Rapamycin targets senescent cells to target the root cause of skin aging.

Senescence Clearance

Lower Marker of Senescent Marker P-16

Rapamycin reduces the total amount of pro-inflammatory and dysfunctional senescent cells in the skin layer.

Reduced Skin Inflammation
Firmer Skin
Increased Autophagy of Misfolded Collagen
Improved Skin Elasticity
Reduced Skin Damage

Rapamycin drastically reduces markers of skin senescence.

P16 is a protein that is involved in the regulation of the cell cycle and senescence. P16 is expressed at high levels in the skin and has been shown to play a role in skin aging.

Cell Restoration from Sun Damage

Lower Levels of Solar Elastolis and Disorganized Collagen

Solar elastosis contributes to the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin. Rapamycin decreases the amount of solar elastosis to increase skin elasticity and reduce skin damage.

Autophagy Removal of Misfolded Collagen
Increased Collagen in Basal Layer
Improved Skin Firmness
Enhanced Skin Elasticity
Reduced Risk of Skin Damage

Rapamycin treatment reduces the occurrence of solar elastosis and dysfunctional collagen.

Solar elastosis is a sign of photoaging caused by sun damage to elastic fibers, leading to wrinkles and decreased skin elasticity. Disorganized collagen fibers impair skin healing and increase the risk of age-related skin conditions.

Collagen VII Restoration

Increased Collagen VII in the Basal Skin Layer

Rapamycin enhances collagen VII incorporation into the skin's basement membrane, improving skin quality. Collagen VII is crucial for skin barrier function and decreases with aging and wrinkle formation.

Improved Skin Firmness
Elevated Skin Moisture
Increased Structural Skin Support
Fewer Wrinkles

Histological staining shows elevated collagen VII support in the skin's basement membrane with rapamycin treatment.

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