Senescence Protocol

Rapamycin is considered to be the most promising healthspan-promoting interventions for its role in slowing down the formation of senescent cells through its inhibition of the mTOR complex 1 pathway.

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The Benefits of Rapamycin

Our Honest Assessment

Rapamycin shows the greatest potential as a medication that can slow down the formation of senescent cells and the corresponding age-related decline that comes with the higher ratio of dysfunctional senescent cells. Rapamycin binds directly to mTOR (complex 1) to induce cellular autophagy. By increasing autophagy through the inhibition mTOR, Rapamycin turns off the growth signals that drive senescent replication, reduces the inflammatory molecules (SASP) of senescent cells, and prevents healthy cells from becoming senescent cells.

More clinical trials need to be conducted to understand the proper dosing of Rapamycin for its off-label use as an autophagy inducer. There is enough clinical data to understand the relative safety profile of Rapamycin when taken intermittently, however.

Great Potential, More Research Needed on Dosing Protocol

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